By creativity, I meant like really really listen to the music. The lyrics, the melody of the guitar, the bass (whatever instruments involved in each song). And design something that reflects the mood on what it gave you. Did it really give you the impression of the color gray and a swirly line? Is that all you can make? I'm pretty sure you're very talented.

I appreciate your compliment. 
But I think the real issue here is confusing simplicity for a lack of consideration. To just say “is that all you can make” is pretty offensive, and if you knew me at all (which by your tone I assume you probably do) you’d know that I go through a lot to consider every detail of what I make, especially recently, and especially when it’s for someone else.

I don’t even know why I’m having this conversation?

Your work is very unoriginal and mediocre. C'mon, a swirly line? Get some inspiration and some creativity. That swirly line is also too much like Arctic Monkeys' logo. You can create much better. You have a brain.

While I fully embrace constructive critique, I have a hard time accepting “unoriginal and mediocre” as a constructive. If you have some kind of deeper insight other than just “get some inspiration and some creativity,” I’d be willing to take it to heart. Additionally, speaking to a specific audience and communicating effectively is more important to the project your speaking of than coming up with something that’s never been done before (not to mention the fact that actually, it’s not that close to their logo?)

In short, haters gonna hate.

jucarl said: Is it gonna be colored / are you printing it out?

it’ll be printed, black and white and (possibly) on colored paper.